Ambassador Company
Who We Are
The Ambassador Company is a division of Good Will Publishers, Inc. Founded in 1938, Good Will has earned its success by developing innovative products and programs that strengthen communities and families and encourage strong values.

Ambassador Company programs offer local businesses and professionals the opportunity to reach out to young families and help them develop the character traits necessary for a successful life. On behalf of select sponsors, the Ambassador Company provides families with a beautiful hardbound volume that reflects the strong values upon which our nation was built and inspires children to reach their full potential.

Our sponsors are leaders in their communities. They are good individuals who want to do good as well. They are active, civic-minded citizens and they realize this is important not only for their community but for their business. The Ambassador Company allows sponsors to demonstrate their civic leadership and community values in a powerful way.

Hundreds of thousands of families have benefited from our character education programs. And the thousands of sponsors who have made this good work possible have benefited as well -- by being recognized in their communities as individuals of strong values who want their fellow citizens and the next generation to live good lives and succeed.
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